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Let your imagination pullulate & allow your thoughts to wanderlust.

Blog posts will open dialogue & discussions that share information on a variety of different topics. Blush Notes is looking to engage with our readers through an open dialogue forum.Topics will encourage readers to act, ignite change, feel, dream, be open, soar past obstacles, think, and share love.

Short stories will be available also. Follow the female characters of these stories as they live and experience life tackling obstacles present throughout the female life cycle as they love, feel, love and stay lit. Enjoy their journies.

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& Encouragement.

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Be YOUR authentic self.

This area is used to create authentic support systems so that girls are supported and have access to guidance for everyday questions.

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Blush Notes is a site that encourages you to simply blush. Beauty stems from within. Everything that makes you, you, is what should keep you blushing.

Be encouraged to bring your best self to every table, every time, every day.

Written to exude Real pain, Real love, Real strength, Real determination, Real grit, Real loss, Real lust and of course, Real truths.

The truth, though blunt, sharp, hard or easy, is best for the soul. Grow beautifully from it, feel with every inch of your soul, then water yourself and grow more. You are the seed that sprouted through concrete.

This site was created to be a source of inspiration for young women and teen girls all over the world.

Remember, you are more than enough.


Blush Notes

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