She is...

Writer. Married. Millenial.

A Connoisseur of Fine Dining and Drinks. Educated & Inquisitive.

An Extroverted Introvert.


A Joyful, Trap Music Loving,

A supporter of Love.

The brand is Blush Notes - Feel Something

Her Story...

Is simple,

Woman Today Inspire the Women of Tomorrow.

Love is the best form of healing...


Writing = Life.

P.S. Who Run the World? Girls!

Her Philosophy...

I write to feel, release, and express

Blush Notes was created as a platform for inspiration, reflection & connection.

I created this platform to inspire the future women of tomorrow.

I'm realizing that it isn't always our similarities that bring us closer. It's also the inherent differences in each of us that intrigue us. I'm living my truth, it may intrigue you.