Blush Bride


I can't express enough in words how excited I am to meet you.

Who. Is. She?


A goal crushing, creative who continues to push her own boundaries.

Where, Is She?

Recently relocated south but originally hails from the Midwest region.

Is She, Educated?

I hold a Master's degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University, Go Buckeyes!


Bachelor of Science in Family Studies degree from Ohio University, Go Bobcats! - The Original Harvard on the Hocking!

What. Are. Her. Passions?

I'm passionate about many things...

My wonderful husband, family, and friends. Reading and Writing: the best forms of expression and adventure. Biking indoors and outside, Dancing until my feet swell, Singing in the shower - Although I'm no Whitney Houston, Shopping with friends, Wines that ease my standoff-ish nature, and Traveling. As well as supporting the people I love as they reach beyond the stars to achieve.


P.S. I just love this picture of me from my wedding day! Can you tell? lol