FBF – Eff Boy Free


Reality is…

You’ve encountered some eff boys before. You know the type. Those lovers live to play games with your heart, they’ll lead you on, and move on to the next girl before they’re even done being with you. The typical guy who is still not aware that you have actual feelings and that his actions can impact them.

Well, throughout this post I will share some tips wish I had known to keep me FBF in my past life. Believe me, had I known to implement these recommendations beforehand, my skin would have stayed glowing, hair flowing, and nails unbreakable way back when. I would’ve spent more time paying attention to myself and less time focusing on eff boys and their inability to love me the way I deserved to be loved.

To keep you savvy, swift and smart, below are some tips to help you avoid eff boys. Or at the very least, kick heartbreaks ass as you recover from a breakup.

Eff Boy Recovery 101

  1. Never chase anyone – you’re the prize, so hold your head high and OWN YOUR QUEEN-NESS
  2. Love YOURSELF 1st girl – This goes without saying.
  3. Never put up with BS just to say that you have a boyfriend – Being single is an opportunity to learn who you are, and who better to appreciate you, than yourself.
  4. Being single doesn’t equate to being lonely nor unworthy of love. Any person can be in a bad relationship, save yourself for someone who is actually worth your energy or time.
  5. Never start to settle – Not in your relationships, not in your future career Choices, not in anything. Work hard to achieve your wildest dreams, relationships included.
  6. You are not equal to a boy, you are better – You can do anything they can do, plus more.
  7. You are different on purpose, you are on purpose and you are wonderfully made.
  8. I can’t reinforce this enough, Love yourself girl – You are not secondary, so let no one treat you as though you are.

Ultimately, the biggest take away I want you to remember that your heart is as delicate as the petals of your favorite flower. So although eff boys aren’t naturally talented in caring for your heart, this is not an excuse for you not to be.

Your hearts motto – Nice for what?

The value is you. The priority is you. If he or she doesn’t realize it

Until next time,

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