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Issa Perspective Piece

Okay honey, we gone talk about some things that need to be talked about; OK? The Topic at hand is Perspective, and your ability to change it.


Now, the reality is, your perspective influences how you see the world. 

Well, I recently had a nice lesson in how helpful it can be to “Change your Perspective”.

I think of myself as more of a pessimistic person, if given a choice between being pessimistic and optimistic.


I don’t believe the world is going to simply burn, but I equally do not believe that although all people are innately good, that they will always, choose to be good or to do good for the well being of all.

I digress,

This past week, I had a rude, but helpful awakening. You have the choice of how you perceive the world, the people you associate with, and yourself. Choose to either see those things from the glass half empty perspective or glass half full perspective.

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Glass Half Empty Perspective – A Pessimistic point of view

Glass Half Full Perspective – An Optimistic point of view

No matter which way you see the glass, keep in mind that the other point of view, can be equally valuable, and quite frankly, helpful.

Thinking of things in whatever light makes you happy, and doesn’t hurt or harm anyone else, is best.

When you think of things in the positive as opposed to the negative, it changes you.


Examples of a perspective changing mentality.

  1. Initial Thought: The relationship ended because I’m not worthy of love. New Thought: The relationship wasn’t helping me become the best version of myself. Now it’s time to figure out who I am.
  2. Initial Thought: I am not smart enough for college. New Thought: I don’t prefer math, but I love to read and write, colleges have many types of programs, I’m sure I can excel in what I’m already passionate about.
  3. Initial Thought: I lost the job because I am a bad employee.New Thought: I am preparing for the next phase of my life, the job I had wasn’t helping me get to that next phase.

Perspective change is a must in this day and age. There are far too many outside influences and anonymous people who have negative opinions about you that neither concerns them nor impacts them.

Don’t be like those people.

Don’t be an online troll whose only focus on petty negatives.

Negative thoughts bring negative realities. If you see the world negatively, you will only look for negative realities or bad instances that happen. You will only view people in the worst light. You'll give them no credit for their good work or character. You'll only focus on what you perceive to be that persons flaws.

Reality Check…

Not one person living on this planet is perfect. (Not even Beyoncé, lol) 

Be more encouraging, accepting and supportive of others.

This is a lot easier and frankly better for yourself than the reality of tearing down another person. Don’t get me wrong, be real. We don’t need any other “Free Thinking”, “Kanye’s West on the verge of demise” out here. You can disagree with someone and still support them, but you don’t have to rain on that person's parade to do so. There is not a thin line between love and hate.

Everything that you or someone else does, isn't something that other people will always agree with, and that’s okay. Actually, that’s more than okay, you don’t want to be the “Yes Woman” for any friends or foe’s, you want to be your authentic self all the time. However, never limit yourself. You are capable of seeing things from more than one point of view, so do that when you notice you're thinking negatively.

You are multidimensional.

"The biggest hurdle to your growth will always be you, but only if you allow yourself to get in your own way." - Blush Notes

You and only You can change how you see the world, with a little more purposeful positivity, you may see aspects of the world, your world, in a new light.

Try this out, and let me know how it works for you.


Initial Thinking: I still live with my parents, I’m a loser. New Thinking: My parents love me, and I can save money to accomplish my goals, I am a planner.


Initial Thinking: I miss the old Kanye...

New thinking: Image result for kanye west face

I’m still a work in progress guys! I’m only human. (Plus I still miss the old Kanye lol)

Stay true to yourself - just make sure your truth, isn't a malicious attempt to harm another person


Rome wasn’t built in a day so start small and build your way to the best version of you.

Consistently accomplishing small goals, leads to a big change in the long run; the long-run being your lifetime.

You’ve got this.


Blush Notes