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It Ain’t Ya Booty, It’s Ya Beauty…

I know what you’re thinking.

Ugh! Another, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” blog post…

Well, it wouldn’t be a saying if it weren’t purposeful and true, Right?

I’m challenging you to think of this saying in a new way.

Instead of thinking “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” think “Your Actions, Define Your Beauty!”.

Beauty is a Perception of Who You Really Are:

The person You show the world, Every. Single. Day.

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You woke up today,

And you realized that beauty is also a choice.

You can choose to be beautiful through helping others, being nicer on purpose, exuding positive vibes in your daily encounters,

and eradicating or killing any actions that represent meanness, badness or bullying.

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When your actions are ugly, your appearance is often deemed ugly too.

You can be the pretty girl who bullies others,

But, realistically,

Is that bully beautiful?

All I can wonder is,

Who hurt her? Why is she so mean to others?

Pain lies deeper beneath her anger.

Until she confronts that pain, she will continue to hide her beauty.

The World Can Embrace YOU & Destroy YOU all in the same hour,

But ONLY if You Let It.

It’s important to realize that self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care are pillars of beauty.

They are building blocks that add to your self-esteem and self-pride.

Beauty is not only how you treat others, it’s also how you treat yourself and how you see yourself.

Are you confident? Are you secure? Are you comfortable in the skin you’re in?

The Short answer: No…

The Real answer: NOT YET!

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You, my dear, are a wonderful work in progress. Every day that you wake up, you are gifted with many choices.

Your circumstances aren’t always things you can control, but your choices are.

You may not have chosen what school you wanted to attend, the color of your skin, or the size of your shoes.

Nonetheless, you did choose who your best friend is & what you wanted to wear for the day. Same as those choices, you can also choose to do random acts of kindness as a gift to the people around you.

I never heard anyone say that the kindhearted person who stopped her peers from bullying another person was ugly. Equally, I’ve never heard of the person rescuing a puppy from drowning in a puddle as hideous.

Kindness and ugliness are as much of a pair as jelly and mayo sandwiches; they just don’t match.


Just make sure your head is held high, your baby hairs are laid and your willingness to be kind is at the forefront of your daily life agenda.

Remember, “In life, we are measured by how we treat other people, and also how we treat ourselves”

No matter what type of girl you strive to be daily,

Be true to yourself, Love yourself, & be Nice to those around you.

Eres hermosa

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