Saving and living your best life

Building Bankrolls, Living Lavish, and Saving

So the reality is, every single day I find that prices are rising on everyday essential items that are necessary to living our lives comfortably. If these prices are rising you can almost guarantee that prices for non-essentials are rising as well. Budgeting, saving, investing and living your best life, don’t always seem to match up as a result of the increasing cost to live comfortably. Thus, it is now more important than ever to start investing in yourself by paying yourself first (Or increasing your savings) and getting your finances in order.

Let’s be real, everyone wants to live lavishly and spend freely. From taking trips out-of-town, to enjoying your cities local food scene one Sunday brunch at a time, I’m finding that never before has there been so many opportunities to capitalize on enjoying the fruits of your labor at such an exorbitant price – SO – I look for cost saving experiences as much as possible.

Save Them Coins Sis

I am a firm believer of paying yourself first. Bills or other expenses a guaranteed in life, yes I am including eating or feeding yourself. The best method of saving for me, has always been to track my monthly expenses by categorizing them into two categories: Wants VS Needs.

Once you make your list of expenses in each category breakdown, be sure to include your monthly average cost, then add the total at the bottom of your list. If you’re not sure where to start with breaking down what you spend your money on, use a budget tracking app – One of MPF (My Personal Favorites) is the Mint App. This app is free and easily tracks your spending and categorizes your spending for your convenience.

Check out the below link for more info if you have any further questions.

Visit their site here: Mint

Give Yourself a Goal to Accomplish and Automate Your Savings

Saving is all good and done until it feels like you’re depriving yourself of something. If your working at any job, pay yourself first. Set aside a certain amount every check that is automatically deposited into a savings account. Have more than 1 account.

When that amount is automatically removed and you don’t see it, you will have an easier time, getting accustomed to your new spending money and the money you put away will continue to grow over time. Along with this, look into savings accounts that have a higher interest level so you can start earning money just for having money. Don’t be afraid to move your money around. Don’t be afraid of changing your loyalty to a better bank, the rate your money grows is only on you.

Pay Attention To Sales!

When you must spend, simply spend responsibly.

Now, I know everyone loves a good sale, but let’s be real. Ladies, we deserve to look as confident as we feel, but spending top dollar for things doesn’t always have to be the case. Generally speaking, if I’m in the mood for some wardrobe updates, I wait until I know a good sale is coming up.

Example – I buy my VS Bra’s 2x’s a year – During the Semi Annual Sales 🙂 Every June/July and Dec/Jan.

I update my shoe collection around the holidays, when shoe sales are surely worth the wait – Memorial Day sales at Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc and other holiday seasons, are worth the wait. We all should know by now, you, nor I will be the only one with that shoe, that dress, or anything else, stores don’t only make 1 copy, unless you pay for a custom design. Every item you buy, has an assortment of other sizes that are identical to your purchase, so no rush we won’t be the only ones to have it, might as well be the one who has it at a better price.

Wants VS Needs Ladies….

I advise you to purchase from the more expensive stores when the season is changing and the influx in new clothing for the new season creates a flood of store deals and sales.

Ladies, there’s a method to my madness!

I can shop with the best of you, but I don’t have to spend a million bucks to look a million bucks, and neither do you.

Same concept applies to electronics. Summer sales for “Back to School” savings or “College Send Off” savings that always cheapen the price of laptops at your local Best Buy or Apple Store, along with “Open Box” Sales.

I love me a good Open Box, I run to that section in Best Buy first before eyeing the rest of the store.

Sales Aren’t Solely Exclusive to Clothing or Electronics

I can’t lie, Groupon has been a saving grace for me. The discounted experiences have liberated my new-found “Self Care” Sunday routines with friends as I’ve transitioned to a new state. This site has provided me with more opportunities to engage in new experiences at a considerably cheaper price.

Your local movie theater probably has a discounted movie day. Go see the new release a couple of days after the release date for less while saving. With the savings you’ll have on the movie ticket, you can actually buy that movie theater popcorn, slushy and candy.

Hit up happy hours for your food experiences, appetizers and entrees are discounted too. Going out to eat during the week, can lessen the prices you pay at some of your favorite eateries, check their websites beforehand to see what days and times are best suited for your finances.

Visit Groupon here for local deals in your area: Groupon

Best Life Still Achievable – Your Prospects Will Improve

Saving doesn’t mean living your worst life while the coins stack. It’s a healthy balance of stacking your coins and limiting unnecessarily high spending.

Those trips outta town with your girls, or that down payment for your new car or house is within reach, and the initial investment in your future, is feasible – you just have to reformat the way you spend and think about money.

Increasing Our Money, Increasing Our Independence, Increasing Our Self Esteem, Increasing Our Happiness, This Year, and Every year I am intentional about Increase, but I know in order for that to happen, I too, have to do my part. Sharing is Caring Ladies…


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