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In life, you learn through the process of experience. Your life, your philosophies, and your viewpoint stem from the various experiences you have had while growing up and learning about the world around you. No matter what your parents or grandparents taught you, or the variety of lessons you learned from your teachers in the classroom, you chose if you want to adopt those views according to how you experienced your life. Fight or Flight may have been a form of self-care in the past, but it’s time for a change.


With societal consciousness is at an all-time high, gone are the days where my biggest priority was figuring out how to increase the of money in my pocket or comparing myself to people who were my age and who I thought was

Doing Better Than Me

I used to compare what they had to what I had or compare their achievements to what I had achieved. I was seriously living to continuously one-up the next person, but as humbly as I could, I never flexed flamboyantly, just purposefully.

Self Care Tip: Be Your Own Peace

I find myself happier with doing less of that and resting my expectations so that I could have more balance. My focus remained zoned in on my end goal; accomplishing more than my peers, but, I never quite knew how draining this goal would be for me especially because I was unconsciously always in competition mode. So I changed my mind frame. ”Do it for yourself, because no one else is going to notice!” I hadn’t realized how much better I would feel when I truly worried about doing something because I wanted to as opposed to doing something, because it’s what “You’re supposed to do” or “Because it’ll make my parents proud” Or even “Because I’ll be doing better than them!”

Who is them anyways? And why did they matter to me so much?

Being driven by my ability to accomplish tasks, and the abundance of recognition that comes with it isn’t the best as a long-term motivator to keep me happy. The reality is, the feelings that recognition gives, wears off and the glory falls short once it does. The feeling you get when you are happy with yourself and satisfied with your choices no matter the approval of others is legit more gratifying.

With this newfound perspective, I find myself pleased internally and happy externally.

Self Care Tip: Live Your Life on Your Own Terms

Nowadays I find myself enjoying activities that I loved to do as a child. My passion for these activities never left, I simply got older and began to consume my time with new activities that left me less time for simple pleasures. Riding my bike, playing video games, and dancing off the calories from the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in a cardio dance fitness class has a way of bringing out the kid in me; the self-loving, always having fun, the best version of self-caring, me. Re-engaging in activities I hadn’t done in years, brought back feelings of peace and internal joy.


In speaking with friends, I’ve learned how important self-care is. I’ve noticed how much time my friends and I give to everything, except ourselves. In hindsight, we have suffered internally as a result of our lack of focus on dedicating even the smallest amount of time to anything that brings us internal peace, or a free-flowing feeling of joy.


Trying something new is okay. Sometimes it’s hard to accept when things are new and uncertainty comes. Or when you can’t predict what’s to come next. But embrace, accept and push through. Evolving, growing and changing is more than okay and it is bound to happen.


Change your perspective and things will continue to fall in place. – Just like the Perspective Blog Preaches.


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