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She Did That…. BEYONCE

And You Can Too… But Honey, Beyonce Shut. It. Down.

Within the Blush Notes platform, I like to I keep it motivating and honest with you guys.

I like to discuss topics that need to be addressed with realness and honesty, whilst sprinkling a little of my own personality into the mix.

So, like any other post,


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Loud and Proudly.

I truly believe Queen Bey, is a wonderful example of what women look like when we love, nourish, support and embrace one another.

Beyonce is a motivating, beautiful and humble manifestation of the beauty that is womanhood.

I love the empowering strength she exudes, the kindness of her spirit and the fierceness in her eyes.

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She is seriously my Alter Ego x Infinity.

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Not only was I rehearsing old routines, while cooking and cleaning both post-Beychella Sunday mornings.

But, I was also in full concert mode.

Feeling Free. Strong. BEY-utiful.

Loved. Happy. & Honestly, feeling like the best version of myself in the earliest morning version of myself that I could be.

Those moments,

Better yet,

Those feelings are feelings that I hope to bring out of you throughout your interaction with me in the Blush Notes Platform.

I want this site to be a source of inspiration, motivation, self-confidence boosting, and self-esteem raising goodness.

 My desire is that this site remains a positive platform that is just good for your soul.

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Ladies, we are the change factor for future generations to come.

Our uniqueness, our loving and nurturing spirits, our grace, our everything!

We are mighty fine, daringly intelligent, we have our natural intuition to help guide us (Just gotta do better at listening to it), and we ooze the beauty that is femininity.

We can move mountains while wearing 6-inch hills.

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We can do so many things,

Especially when we empower and embrace one another.

So at the height of starting this week and every other week of your future lives,

Let me remind you the following:

You are Flawless,

You Are in Formation,

You Run The World,

You Are A Diva,


Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge all that you bring to the table can BOW Down.

Until Next Time,

Blush Notes.