Hi & Why?

  I moved away from home.

Married the love of my life.

Graduated with honors from college; twice.

I basically completed many goals I set for myself.

Yet, I wasn’t sure what impact I had on the world nor the people around me.

How was I living my passions? How was I making me, the best version of myself?

What could I do to fill a void that I felt existed from my everyday lack of pursuing more?

A little perspective.

More isn’t always best, mentally, physically or emotionally.

More is subjective to each person who wants it.

My more was focused on how to satisfy my urge for excitement in my life, centered around my career and my enthusiasm for helping others.

Employed in a full-time job, helping others through my expertise in career vocations, I still found my heart wandering towards a passion I’ve always had; helping girls discover their true selves, and offering mentorship to the female children and youth of today are passions I felt a specific company or organization, couldn’t provide me in a format that reflected me and the unique love I have for young girls.

My background is a testament to how important having positive female role models are to pre-teen girls today. At the time, I’m not sure I realized how important of having a supportive village of women was.

Those support groups help build improved feelings of self-confidence, self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-love in young girls. Without that structure, I’m convinced that I’d be a different person.

Know your worth and Add Tax!

This is a key saying throughout many industries, or entrepreneurial realms, however, although I agree, I couldn’t pass up my own mantra. Know your purpose and push towards it.

Your passion is just that, YOURS! No One, can take those from you. No One, can hire, fire or promote you to your passion.

People can try to discourage you from pursuing what feels right, but ultimately, it is YOUR decision alone.

Bet On Yourself.

“Let me bet $100 on Whitney”… As opposed to “Let me bet 100.00 on black”.

It’s time for Me, to bet on Me. It’s also time for You, to bet on You.

So here I am, Open. Willing. Patient, & Determined to uplift young girls, and challenge the status Quo;

Yes! This stranger, who you don’t know yet, cares.

I’m doing this for a purpose bigger than me. No matter the number, I’m doing this to impact, at least, one life.

Girls, It’s time to Blush. 

With Purpose,

Blush Notes